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The time tracking tool anyone can use

Whether your team travels for work, or heads to the same office every day, this easy-to-use solution empowers your employees to consistently track their time.


  • Clock in and out from the office or on the go via mobile, tablet, laptop, or Slack
  • Verify employee clock-in and clock-out locations with built-in GPS tracking
  • Track time for contractors as well as hourly employees
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Manual entry is a thing of the past

Simplify and automate operations by syncing timesheets to your payroll and accounting software. Track hours, verify timesheets, and finish payroll with help from one tool.


  • Share important data between systems for a seamless backend experience
  • Track time consistently with automated alerts and reminders
  • Review employee hours logged, projects worked, and time off
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Limit errors and inaccuracies

Reduce time tracking discrepancies and payroll headaches with a tech-forward solution that provides the support you need to cross the t’s, dot the i’s, and stay compliant.


  • Prompt employees to take meal and rest breaks with pre-set reminders
  • Improve operational efficiency with geo-fencing and project tracking
  • Manage your labor budget with overtime alerts and detailed reporting
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