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Gusto Time Tracking & Payroll Reports Made Easy with Justworks Hours

Gusto payroll customers can try Justworks Hours free for 30-days, plus get a 1 month free subscription!

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Automated Gusto Timesheets that Sync with Justworks Hours

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Easy Setup

Map employees, pay cycles and other
account settings with the click of a button.

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Powerful Features

Track overtime, time spent on specific jobs
and employee location with ease.

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Accurate Payroll

Managing employee time with Justworks Hours means
your payroll data is always correct.

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Mobile App

Give your employees a mobile experience
that is simple to use and keeps them engaged.

About Gusto

Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, HR, and personal finance by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. Gusto has processed millions of dollars in payroll and their customers span a wide variety of businesses, from flower shops to technology start-ups.

Simplify Your Timesheets & Payroll to Save Time & Money

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Mobile Time Tracking

Employees track time from web or our mobile app that comes equipped with GPS.

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Seamless Integration

Timesheet data that is created in Justworks Hours can be sent to payroll with one-click.

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Real-time Workforce Insights

Detailed reports with valuable labor data at your fingertips.

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Project Tracking and Job Costing

Measure productivity and bill clients with ease using our project tracking functionality.

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Overtime Tracking

Save money and stay compliant with Justworks Hours’ powerful overtime management tool.

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Multiple Pay Rates

Whether you pay employees hourly, per job or salary, our system keeps your data organized.

Customer Reviews

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Justworks Hours is rated 4.5/5 stars from 514 reviews by our customers on Capterra.

Gusto Time Tracking FAQs

Yes. We can ensure that the data being imported from Justworks Hours into your Gusto account will be formatted as needed. You can easily sync Justworks Hours in minutes with Gusto time tracking.

Yes, we have and we currently do. Many thousands of businesses use Justworks Hours’ time tracking solutions daily to more efficiently manage the productivity of hundreds of thousands of employees across many different types of industries.

Preferences for web dashboard, manual shift entry, shift editing, geofence, auto-checkout, and more to allow company admins to easily customize any account to match the unique needs of your business.

We have built and optimized Justworks Hours to be incredibly easy to use for anyone to track their time. Your employees can easily start tracking their time online and/or by mobile within 5 minutes, with just a couple of clicks. We designed Justworks Hours to be used on the go - so simplicity is our top priority.

Whether only a few of your employees are mobile or out in the field, Justworks Hours offers a terminal mode for an ipad, which can be a time clock mounted on a wall at your your job site. You can also use our web time clock by using a personal laptop or a stand alone computer terminal too. All data, whether tracked through your mobile workforce or office staff will be sent to the online management dashboard.

That’s fine. The majority of our customers have a mixture of exempt and nonexempt employees. You can easily have your employees set up in our time tracking system as salary or hourly. Salaried employees can still track time and projects within Justworks Hours if you need. We also offer flexible pricing based off of how your employees are using the platform.

In under 10 minutes, you can have your management team and employees setup and using Justworks Hours with your Gusto account. Your customer experience rep can assist you with custom onboarding and configuration to ensure you are setup for success. If you want to take it a step further, we can also provide webinars to help train your team as well.