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The time tracking software that gives you time back

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Justworks Hours frees up time with:

  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • Custom overtime and break rules
  • Project tracking and shift management
  • Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Integrations that sync with payroll
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Time tracking, simplified

Increase accountability with an easy-to-use solution that empowers your employees to consistently track their time, whatever size or shape your team takes.


  • Onboard employees with an intuitive, mobile-first employee experience
  • Create a centralized punch-in clock for all your employees to use
  • Customize employee clock-in methods, meal and rest break reminders, and more
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See where time is being spent

Dive deeper into the data with powerful reporting and integration capabilities that allow you more visibility into employee activity, project hours, and expenses.


  • Keep a close eye on your team’s hours, locations, shifts, overtime, and time off
  • Access the info you need around expenses, invoices, projects, and job codes
  • Facilitate data sharing with integrations that sync with your existing systems
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Reduce errors and inaccuracies

Get compliance support with a tool that allows you to create rules and protocols so your safeguards are built right in.


  • Configure overtime rules across work locations
  • Improve operational efficiency with geo-fencing
  • Manage your labor budget with detailed reporting
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